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      How precise is the Vue 2 system? If I have all the circuits in my house monitored, how precisely should the “Balance” figure be to zero? I do not have all the circuits monitored because I only have 8 current transformers (and I don’t think I could fit 8 more into my consumer unit). Here is what the system now says:

      Does this really mean that the circuits that I am not monitoring are using 370 watts? This seems to me unlikely because I included in the monitoring all the circuits that I thought would be using a significant amount of power, so most of the rest are LED lighting etc. Or could this just be inaccuracies in the system, or in the CTs etc.?

      Thank you – Rowan

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      Believe the specs are better than +/- 2%, in the FAQ here and posted also.  That’s my observation also – with the error mostly in the CTs and not the Vue 2.

      If you were trying to post a photo, it didn’t come through.  So don’t know what your mains are showing, but unless your total draw is 18.5kW (2% would be 370W), your balance is pretty accurate.  That’s the magic of this system – finding those unexpected draws.

      If you don’t have CT’s on certain un-monitored lines, start turning those breakers off and you’ll find the power consumers – which are could be a combination of devices and circuits.

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      Yes, I was trying to post a picture. It showed fine in the draft message, but when I submitted it, it disappeared. It was a link to an image on the internet:

      How do I include an image in a message? (This time I just pasted the link into the message)

      Thanks – Rowan

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      Picture came through fine this time.  Turn off those un-monitored breakers and you will surely find what is consuming that extra power.

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      I’m having the same issue with the balance. I have two Vue meters in separate panels. One has a balance of 8% and the other has a balance of 12%. I have CTs on all the breakers. Why so much error?

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      Rowan, your solar number of 14 watts seems suspiciously low, did you install the CT on the solar pointing in the opposite direction of the other CTs?  In other words, the load arrow on the back of the CT should usually point towards the load, away from the breaker.  But on solar it is the opposite, the load arrow should point towards the breaker (assuming you are putting the solar CT in the main breaker panel with the other CTs, things could be different in a sub-panel).

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      (sorry – hit send early.)
      But the main side CT”s & overall system is incredibly close to what I get billed by the energy supplier, last time i checked it was <3% difference to the fully certified/calibrated meters the energy providers use.

      Its just the individual circuits that will vary depending on the active/reactive power.

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