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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hey all!

      Reply to this post with what brought you to the Emporia Community; how long you’ve been using your Vue; why you’re interested in energy monitoring; what other smart home devices you’re into; and what you’re into when you’re not tracking your energy usage.

      Jim @ Emporia

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      I’ll go first.

      Hi, I’m Jim. I work at Emporia and help set up the Community platform. I’ve been using my Vue since 5/7/19. I’m interested energy monitoring because I care about the environment. I have some Google Home stuff, Sonos speakers, and some smart bulbs, that’s about it. Outside of energy monitoring, I like to bike, hike, play music, and make art.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi! I’m Marty, I work here at Emporia and head up our customer care team. I currently have two Vue’s installed in my home and use them to monitor my main panel as well as my sub panel. The Vue has helped solve a lot of arguments in my household about who and what is using the most energy in my house. Outside of work I stay very busy with my family, coaching a competitive youth Lacrosse team and keeping my three dogs out of trouble.

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      Adam @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello, I’m Adam, and I’m on the product development team here at Emporia. I’ve had my Vue installed since May 7, 2019 (one of the first units ever made!). The Vue has helped me become better informed about my appliance usage, and helped me monitor my home for abnormalities. I use a few other IoT devices to support me at home – smart speakers, a smart doorbell, and a wireless temperature/humidity sensor. When I’m not at Emporia, you can find me in the mountains skiing, biking, or hiking!

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      I’m John. I began monitoring my new Massachusetts house because it’s all electric. Heat pumps for AC and heat, heat pump hot water, induction range, HRV ventilation, LED lighting and 10 Kw solar panels. Understanding my overall consumption and generation were a priority. I started with a competing product that had potential but couldn’t provide good device identification. It’s nice to know when power is being consumed, but if the device consuming it can’t be identified there’s a lot less value in the information. I acquired a Vue because it seemed to be much more specific in helping me identify high consumption devices. So far, so good!

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      Hey guys, I’m Matt. I bought a Vue last month and have been loving it so far. I just moved into a new house that had the old original thermostat (non-programmable) and not an LED light in the place. Just looking to keep an eye on what we are using and trying to make the house as energy efficient as possible! I have to admit it’s really addicting to watch the usage. I go into super ‘dad mode’ and walk around shutting lights off and seeing how far down usage goes. I used Vue to determine which lights are not LED by flipping them off/on and seeing the amount of usage. No need to get on a ladder and open the fixture if it’s already LED.

      I recently had some HVAC issues and used my Vue to troubleshoot the furnace. Instead of having to walk back and forth from the thermostat all the way down to the HVAC unit, I was able to see if it was kicking on or not from Vue while messing with the thermostat.

      Keep up the good work guys!

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      Hello folks, I am Hector and live in Mexico. This year I installed solar panels and wanted a power meter and then found the Vue. I bought it and installed but found out it had not net metering capabilities that were just recently added. I’ve been testing it since the new firmware was released. It does work but still has some glitches that hopefully get fixed in the next versions. I will provide further details later on. I am Mechanical Engineer and work in the aerospace industry, an enthusiast programmer and love technology and internet of things. I have a 2.5KWh solar installation and few home automation devices either home-brewed when job allows or bought. Glad to be part of this community and make this product the best option in the market, particularly in Mexico where solar energy has gained a lot of momentum.

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      Hi I’m Kevin, just got a Vue a couple weeks ago. I’m trying to reduce our power use closer to our solar production both for cost and environmental reasons. I’m not huge into the smart home stuff (no lights, automation, etc) – I have a Honeywell Smart Thermostat, the heat pump hot water heater is connected, and Ring alarm. My related hobby is my blog and spend a lot of time traveling.

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      Hi Eveveryone, I’m Kyle. I live in CT and have been using the Vue for less than a month now. The impetus for my install was to get a better handle on my household electricity consumption in preparation for a potential solar panel project. Previous to now, I had been running around the house with a Kill-O-Watt and measuring individual appliances, which was less than optimal. The Vue allows me to develop a more comprehensive picture of my home as a system, which I really appreciate. I look forward to seeing this product mature and using it to make well educated decisions about future electricity consumption.

      Besides the Vue, we’re running a couple Nest thermostats and a smart doorbell. I haven’t caught the home automation bug yet, but I’m all for devices that will improve the safety and efficiency of my home.

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      Hi My name is Mark. I bought vue July 2019. I am interested in tracking energy use of individual circuits. I like to track down abnormalities. I would like to add expansion,but always seems to be backordered.

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      Shawn @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello everyone, I’m Shawn McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of Emporia. Thanks to all of you for your interest and support of Emporia Energy. We are working really hard to deliver the best customer value proposition possible. Balancing cost of hardware with user experience is tricky and your feedback about what is important to you is very helpful. Please stay tuned as we plan on rolling our several updates, new features and new products throughout 2020. Our 2019 goal was to bring the Emporia Vue to market and listen to our customers. Our 2020 goal is to take that feedback and make the product great! Thank You!

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      I’m Curtis, a retired civil engineer and Vue user since mid-October (2019). I was looking for an energy monitor to help me size a standby generator before next year’s hurricane season begins. I live near Tampa and have been much luckier than some Florida friends who have lost power for a week after hurricanes. I’ve been in this house for a couple of decades and have a portable generator with a natural gas conversion. Each year I’d service and start it, but never had to place it in “real” service. I’ve decided to upgrade to a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch, in 2020. I’m using the Vue data to help me size the standby generator.

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        That’s actually a great use case, I’ve been pondering a portable generator for backup and feel much better about getting a smaller one now that I’ve seen actual peak use at any given time.

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Welcome to the community, Curtis! Please keep us posted on your generator project!

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      Hi, I’m Don. I began using my Vue in November 2019. This past summer, I installed solar panels. On the advice of my contractor, I put my money into the panels and stayed with a grid tied system — no batteries. This made good bang for the buck as far as generation goes, but still leaves me unable to use electricity (potentially) generated by the panels during power outages. This is not much of an issue, as power outages in our area (Pacific Northwest) have been typically associated with winter storms, when cloud cover obviates solar generation anyway. But this year’s fire season brought Public Safety Power Shutoffs during sunny weather. I run a backup generator, anyway, but I’m using the Vue data to help me to refine my power needs and help me size my next generator and (future) battery storage.

      I’m really enjoying playing around with the Vue and the data it collects. Thanks for a great tool!

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      I’m Emily outside of Washington DC. I just installed my Vue today! Took a little bit longer than I anticipated because my electric panel is bursting with wires and that made it surprisingly hard to maneuver the power wires and the monitoring clamps into place, but still only took about 30-40 minutes.

      For several months my electric bill has been quite high, and looking at the usage charts on my utility’s website I found that there was a consistent baseline of 2 kWh being drawn 24 hours a day (nope, that’s not a typo, my house was drawing no less than 2,000 watts every minute of the day). I had a few suspicions about the culprits based on recent changes in the house, but the usage charts didn’t quite align with when I know the suspect appliances were being run, so I bought the expansion pack to give me the circuit monitoring my utility company doesn’t have the capability to provide.

      In preparation for the Vue’s arrival, last night I set about making a detailed circuit map of my house and found several circuits with no apparent use anywhere! Including a 240v double pole breaker, which seems bonkers to me – there aren’t that many things that run on 240v and all the ones that I know are in my house are accounted for on other breakers. My house is about 65 years old and has an addition that was built on later and plenty of evidence behind the walls of DIY repairs that were done over the decades, so it’s not unlikely that some of the circuits are genuinely no longer connected to anything, but after collecting some baseline data from circuits I know are in use, I’m planning to move a few of the clamps onto the mystery circuits and see if anything is drawing on them.

      While making the circuit map I flipped off all the 120v breakers that I couldn’t map to a known outlet/light/appliance, figuring if something over the next few days suddenly doesn’t have power when I go to use it, I’ll know it’s one of the mystery breakers! After setting up the Vue and flipping the main breaker back on, my “baseline” has already dropped to 900-950 watts – checked the utility website and it corroborates the data, with the base usage dropping last night after I made the map to about 950 watts. Still way higher than I want it to be, but this may have revealed that one of those mystery circuits might have been malfunctioning and drawing power despite not being connected to anything – and the 1 kWh reduction in baseline is already enough to save me $100/month!

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Welcome @emilya! Sounds like you have a crazy system at your house. It awesome to hear that your Vue is helping with your energy bill!

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      Hi, I’m Jeff from the Midwest.
      I’ve had the main unit installed for around a month, watching baseline usage. Added the expansion yesterday because our utility finally installed the net meter so that I can use a 3.4 Kw grid-tied solar panel system that i installed. Playing with the circuit defines, trying to get a feel for what is really going in and out of the meter.

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Hello Jeff! Welcome to the community. Keep us posted on your progress with your solar production.

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      Hi, I’m Glenn. Purchased and installed the Vue and love the results. I am building a couple Excel templates to use with the exported data. Would be interested if anyone has any templates they have built to analyze the output.

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Welcome to the community, Glenn! If you get some templates built that you want to share with the community, let us know and we’ll host them on the site here.

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      Hello – Ed from Ohio – Compared all the available monitors and went with emporia energy (main and expansion). I did the installation myself and it was easy. Love the detailed data available for download. We have to EVs and solar on the house and very cool to see how all this is influencing our home electric usage. We plan to put battery storage on in 2020 and will monitor that as well. I’ll post some product development ideas as I work in the electric power industry including DER. Thank you for developing this product. I have pictures of the install I can send along if interested. Take care.

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      Hi there, This is Chris in Virginia. I just installed 2 Vue systems (one per 200 amp panel) and one 8 expansion pack in my home. I bought the system to troubleshoot a higher than usual electric bill ($100 higher) and found the culprit in less than 1 hour of reviewing the data. Turns out that one leg of my heat pump was not getting consistent power due to a failing breaker on one phase, and the system would use the electric emergency heat to try and keep up. Time will tell if this fixes the issue but it was very easy to install and move the clamps around to help troubleshoot the wiring.

      The app and data is fairly easy to use, keep up the good work!

      I would like to see the ability to stack multiple graphs on one screen; like the main and several of the subs. It would also be great to add 2 or 3 of the expansion pack readings into a single reading and chart. (I have 3 breakers that make up my heat pump) I haven’t reviewed the export data yet but it would be great to have an API to link directly to an excel file. I would then use PowerBi to make templates for easy analysis.

      Keep up the good work and I look forward to future insights gained from having a better view of my energy use.

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      Hi, my name is Mike.

      I installed my Vue last weekend. A couple years ago I installed a nice solar array. Based on the size of the system and my power consumption, it was only going to cover about 80-90% of my usage. Where I’m at, if you produce more than you consume then you don’t get extra credit (on an annual basis) so there’s no incentive to over size your system. I am interested in figuring out how to close the gap though. So I figured that if I added some sort of monitoring system I could figure out where all the power was being consumed and then figure out how to selectively reduce it. So far, the first thing I’ve done is to change my HVAC fan setting from continuous to Auto. I had good reasons to run it in continuous mode but when I saw that it was using about 400 watts, 24 hr/day, I figured it would be worth it to only turn it on when needed. Like I said, I’ve only had the system for a week so I don’t have a lot of data yet. Hopefully, I can make a bunch of little changes or modify some behaviors to shrink the gap to my solar production and not have to pay an electrical bill in the future.

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Welcome to the community, Mike @gizmo-bowen ! Sounds like you’re well on your way to optimizing your energy usage. We look forward to hearing what other issues you find.

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      I’m Eric and just bought a Vue to use at my Church. It’s an old building (1930) and has 2 pairs of really thick wire coming in from the street and unfortunately the CT coils don’t fit around them. The wire is super stiff (and live) so I can’t pry them apart to put the coil around just 1. Is there a way to put a larger coil on it? I’m an electronics engineer so I can solder and compare the specs to get a coil with similar specs. I’m not all that concerned about absolute accuracy as 40% of our bill is due to the Demand Charges so we’re looking to find the source of the peak for the month and shave that down.

      We’re in NH.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hey Eric @drzwave! Welcome to the community. Our hardware team might have some solutions for you. We’ll follow up with you via email.

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      Hi. I’m Hank, and I bought my first Vue bundle today. Waiting for it to arrive!

      I did a lot of research to find a whole house monitor. I was expecting to get a Sense, but then read all the reviews for how frequently it failed to find devices, and how it had problems with variable speed motors, so I gave up on their AI and decided to go the direct route. Was delighted to find the Vue with a reasonable # of circuit taps for a reasonable price

      I’m now trying to figure out how many Vue’s I really need.

      For 240v circuits (heat pump, electric water heater, etc), I see that you now support having to monitor only one of the two Hots coming from a 2 pole breaker. I guess you are assuming that the current on each hot is the same, so you can use the multiplier to get a reasonable estimate of overall current used by the 240v appliance. Am I understanding this right?

      If so, then here is what I believe I need to monitor the significant circuits in my house. I have two panels. Panel 1 has: induction cooktop (240v), air handler fan (120v), central vac (120v), electric dryer (240v), furnace electric heating element (240v) x 2, water pump (240v), disposal (120v), oven (240v), EV charger (240v). Panel 2 has: heat pump (240v) x 2, fridge (120v), washer (120v), dishwasher (120v), pool (240v), hot tub (240v), electric water heater (240v)

      So, assuming I need only one tap for a 240v circuit, I would need 10 taps for panel 1, and 8 taps for panel 2. Sounds like I’m in good shape for penel 2, but I’ll need to put two Vue’s in panel 1 since I need more than 8 taps. Am I understanding this right? Any issue putting two Vue’s in the same panel?

      Anything else I should be considering, or alternative ways to set this up? Guess I could always try to not monitor 2 circuits in panel 1 (likely the disposal and central vac).

      If I periodically move a tap between two circuits, any way to let the app know which circuit the tap is connected to (so the app would permit more than 8 circuits to be defined per Vue, and would tally the current to the appropriate circuit based on changes I make to the app config)?

      Thanks! Looking forward to getting started

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        Jim @Emporia
        Emporia Staff

        Welcome to the community, @hanksterr7 and thanks for your purchase! Yes, you understand the multiplier completely. It won’t be 100% accurate, because the two sides of a 240V appliance often aren’t exactly the same, but it should give you a pretty clear idea of how much energy it’s using. As far as how many Vue’s you need, it sounds like you’re counting your circuits correctly, but which of those you decide to monitor is entirely up to you. Like you say, you can choose not to monitor two circuits that are less important to you. We don’t recommend moving the clamps around, as it will impact the cumulative counts for your usage – month, year and lifetime counts will be off. Feel free to reach out to us on chat or phone to discuss further.

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      My name is Brian Edwards. Santa Cruz CA
      61 yrs old retired from portable barcode reader assembly, repair, tech support and sales. Also network admin etc…. Worked a few years at Radio Shack between barcode jobs. Tools, wires and meters strewn everywhere.

      Installed the VUE and EXPANSION in order to gauge loads / peak usage and estimate how big a generator or battery backup we need. 7 Kilowatt 11 year old Solar installation with 40 SunPower positive ground panels and an SMA SB7000 grid tied inverter. Service Entrance is a Challenger meter / load center combo with four breakers feeding 240 volt (split phase to 120) to two subpanels. The first four CT inputs of the expansion pack monitor the whole house.

      The Solar was spliced onto the load side of two breakers since there wasn’t room to add more breakers (I think that is how it should be done). I ordered the spring clamp / bus bar CTs for the mains but decided to open the utility panel and clamp the standard CTs AHEAD of the meter on 00 gauge ? wire. The standard expansion CTs didn’t fit one pair of heavy wires feeding the subpanel for dryer, range and cooktop so I ordered the LARGE diameter Cts. Set the multiplier for inputs 7&8 (solar) to minus one for good measure ? Will post photos once I get settled in.

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      Hello,  This is my introduction:  I am Mark Mettler located in Stateboro Georgia. We (Ruth & I) are technically commercial farmers with 200A service on Excelsior EMC. I say technically because, it’s really retirement from commercial corporate  IT  with a retired corporate HR director. So, we both have time and energy to farm honeybees at BeeUtiful Bees in SE Georgia, USA.  We are from the US and England.  I was military before IT.  We have been moitoring with Sense for two years and are tired of not being able to really identify all we are using, as Sense does algorithm ID and does not allow user input.   We produce about 50% of our power use with solar. We are not currently monitoring solar with Emporia. Very tech-savvy and eggar to find out exactly what we are using power for in hopes of making better decisions.

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      Hi, I’m Bryan, I’ve just installed the Vue and next will install the expansion pack. Everything installed fairly easily. Our panel is in the wall but the antenna is able to work fine in the space between the box and the stud. The graphs are nice and they show the expected activity from oven, TV, lights, and surprisingly the coffee maker. We are looking for culprits to higher than normal energy costs. The house is LEED platinum certified and should be pretty efficient.

      The graphing function shows energy cost instead of watts or amps. I don’t think the app is using the correct cost per kilowatt hour. How can I change it?

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      I do not see an edit function on the reply commands so I will update. I found the watts and amps setting, yay!

      I finished installing the expansion module and it stopped the main system from working, boo! Disconnecting the cable to the expansion module made the main system work again. I will put in a ticket to get a new one.

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      Hey guys,

      First thank you for an excellent product.
      My name is is Martin and i’m an IT systems engineer outside of New Orleans.
      Since this is hurricane country I’ve been looking at energy monitoring for a while, specifically for the purpose of sizing a backup generator/battery backup.

      I was originally looking at the Sense unit, but it never really seemed quite right and the price was fairly high.
      Then i came across Vue and it seemed to almost fit my need and the price was simply too perfect to pass up.

      Been using it for a couple of months now, with expansion module, and i have to say it has more than exceeded my expectations.
      There’s a couple of minor features that would make it absolutely perfect (which i have raised elsewhere on the forum), but overall this has been an excellent product experience.

      As for IoT/Smart products i have here in the house it’s a little bit of everything.
      Generally I don’t see most smart products as being mature, we’re all just public, paying beta testers, so i try to get a little bit of everything to get a better handle on what works and what doesn’t.

      So far i have Google Nest thermostat, smoke detectors, doorbell and speakers. Google Chromecast. Samsung home hub smart fridge and hub. Phillips Hue lights (some DIY) and switches/dimmers. Belking smart switches. Denon HEOS speakers and receivers. Logitech Harmony universal remotes and hubs. Plex media server. BlueIris server for surveillance cameras. Home Assistant server. All servers running in VMware ESXi to tie it all together with a Meraki network providing access for it all.
      And now the Vue 🙂

      It’s been a lot of work getting it all set up and tied together, but it’s nice seeing how the well made product just seamlessly get’s integrated into your day without even a thought, and interesting to see how the more crap products just never get used.

      Still wanna add additional cameras, more sensors, more smart lights and switches, smart locks and more/better integration and automation.
      But overall I would say it’s about 65% there.

      Again. Thank you for great product and another reason for me to feed my addiction.
      Always moving forward.

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      I bought the Emporia Vue and expansion modules because I wanted to know where my energy was going.  I also wondered hoe much electricity my home ‘server lab’ was using.  I’ve been using it about a week, and I am starting to see some data.  How much good this will do me remains to be seen, but I am hopeful eit can help me shave something off my bill eventually.  Still waiting to see if it ‘learns the devices’ on my grid…

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      Hi everyone

      I’m Ron in Toronto, ON Canada. Installed the Vue with the expansion in May. Like everyone else I bought this device to monitor and improve my electricity consumption. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Great product and easy to install. The price point was very attractive and figured the ROI would be easy to recover.

      I was able to recover in 2 months… which I feel is amazing. To my misconceptions my dishwasher 2 hour cycle only consumed $.13. My steamroom device only consumed $.45 for 45 min. All really good news. However where I was able to improve efficiencies was with my pool pump. A 1.5 kwh pump cost me $170/month.  With a bit of research and measuring the total Dynamic Head (TDH) I found that my pool water cycles through in approximately 4 hours. Running 2 cycles (8 vs 24 hours) with a wifi switch has improved my electricity consumption with a savings of approximately $110/month. Best of all, no issues with chemical balance or water clarity.  With the cost of the product plus shipping it was well worth the investment.

      I also replaced my AC this year and it’s nice to know the the efficiency has improved compared to my old one. Not only when it runs but also running less minutes. That’s a great feature to be able to review how many minutes a device runs during the day,

      It also provides me with a baseline of house consumption (e.g. ghost consumption at midnight) where at a glance I can determine if any devices are left on like a basement or garage light.

      A lot of other great and useful features and with new features being added, it will only get better but looking forward to the TOU. Not a big issue at the moment as due to Covid-19 the hydro provider has suspended TOU rates and is currently flat at $.128/kwh.

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