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      Anyone experience a bug where emporia fails to detect the change in direction of the current on the mains and reports -x instead of +x?

      I have a solar installation, and let’s say I’m drawing 1kw from the mains, then let’s say -3kw of solar comes online…, the mains now would be uploading and should show -2kw, but instead they show 2kw for a while… and then it switches later.


      The same thing happens with a load… let’s say the mains are showing -1kw (uploading), and then suddenly a new 4kw load kicks in, the mains should be showing a 3 kw demand, but instead it reports it as -3kw. It seems to do this for some time and then eventually figures it out and switches, but in the meantime it skews the daily/weekly/monthly data which makes it an unreliable measure.


      You can see an example below. Only -1,700 solar coming in, but mains are reporting -3,132 when it should be +3,132 given the loads. The sensors are not on backwards… as the app eventually switches to correct itself, but too late to get accurate data.

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      I have solar and day 1 with my Gen 2 Vue, I saw that the Main (and Balance) kWh data was whacked, so I decided to take off and reinstall my two Main CTs backwards and then everything looked right.  I confirmed the accuracy by comparing the daily and hourly Vue kWh with what my utility gets from my smart meter and posts on their website daily.

      Solar production varying with cloud cover and loads turning on and off can make this kind of problem difficult to troubleshoot, but it may be worth a shot to try the flipping workaround.

      I tried to get an explanation from Support as to how putting the Main CTs on backwards (and Support confirmed this via photos I sent) could get me accurate data, and got none other than there were code fixes done weeks after I flipped the two 200a CTs, so couldn’t have been my problem.

      Good luck!

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