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      I put a Smart Plug between a large commercial UPS and a business server. The server has crashed twice. The server logs showed nothing as the power interupted. I encourage you to create an always on critical load version of the smart plug, as others have requested. I know that this is not the most actionable report. I was rebooting wifi access points at the time of this last crash and also wondered if some wifi disconnect/reconnect activity might be a factor.


      Edit: The smart plug as well as others, have the home page power on/off defeated.


      If the server crashes again like this with the Smart Switch removed, I will update this post.

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      I had the exact same issue, I restarted an access point and a computer plugged in a smart plug suddenly rebooted. I was at the computer and I could hear the relay in the smart plug click_off / click_on in quick succession.

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