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      Just covered  my first full “billable month” with Emporia installed.  I exported the data and looked at the by hour breakdown.
      I believe the columns “Not Named_1 and Not Named_2” should be my main sensors/monitors.  The other 8 have names and are my individual circuit monitors.

      My question is:
      Should I be able to sum up the main sensors and should this tie to my monthly bill (within a reasonable amount)?
      My period was from 7/15-8/14, Emporia shows 805kWh used,  however electric company shows 677kWh used.

      Even if I take out half of each day on the first and last day of the month (assuming mid day readings from electric company), I still have a large variance with emporia showing 770 usage vs 677 from electric company.

      I did not adjust my multiplier for my mains, it is set at 1.0

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