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      Marty @Emporia
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      Hello, if you only have 1 sensor on the one leg of your system you will be only capturing half of your panel.   This will result in readings that are not accurate.

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      Hello there! I am installing my Vue, but unfortunately one of the main cables coming into the panel is too short to fit a CT clamp around (and possibly too short for even the low-profile clamp – see attached picture), and I’m wondering how it might affect my readings if I only attach a single CT to one of the mains? I have installed the Vue with this single clamp setup, and I am getting readings, but I’m not sure how accurate this would be, or if there are any adjustments I should make in the app.

      I know that normally, having only one clamp would pick up current for the circuits attached to that phase, but in this panel in particular, there are only three, dual-pole breakers that connect to both phases (see attached picture). If this is the case, should the reading through the single main be fairly accurate, or will I still be missing current?

      Thank you!

      main cables

      dual pole breakers

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      Thank you. I’ll order a pair of the spring clamps and see if I can get those to fit in the gap

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      I have exactly the same situation, I took the aggressive approach and removed the plate where the meter is located keep in mind that there is live power in that side even with the meter removed but there was enough space to put the clamp on ct on that cable then run the small white cable back into the main box.

      not the best solution but i did get both clamps on my incoming power leads

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      It should work, because all your loads seem to be at 240V.  There is no Neutral in your box for partial current return. The current will be the same on both Lines.

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