VUE 2 and wifi6

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      I installed a wifi 6 Access Point near the VUE 2. I was not able to get it to connect. So I reverted to my older wifi 5 Access Point and I connected. Has anyone had any experience with wifi 6? I am particularly interested in the ability of wifi 6 to have the same SSID throuout the network.

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      You’ll want to ensure you’re broadcasting 2.4GHz, not just the 5GHz. The Vue 2 uses 2.4GHz.



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      I am finding wifi6 to be an additional hassle to the 2.4/5g issues.  I have an eero network with 1 eero6 for the gateway and 10 additional eeros spread over around 1.5 acres. Eero mesh was my choice for taking control over my wifi, After several years of poor coverage with the ISPs equipment. In order to add devices to my network now, I have to set legecy mode, and even disable the 5G for some devices. I chose eero based on the reviews as well as their desire to make “wifi for everyone”, sadly,  that company has gone to the dark side. I chose emporia because I believed, and still do,  that this was an honest company with a great product, sure to evolve into what we consumers need as the utility providers continue to find ways to squeeze harder and harder.

      Due to my particular layout and installation, I am still working on the prefect arrangement for the Vue devices  and would love an “Emporia app for dummies” handbook should it become available.


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