Wifi connectivity diagnostic information.

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      One other function that might be helpful would be some kind of wifi connectivity information.   I occasionally seem to lose connectivity from my Vue to the network for several hours.   What I notice when this situation occurs is that on the initial screen,  only Main is listed and none of my monitored circuits show up with their percentages.   If I use the menu to select a circuit,  then I see the graph,  but the latest time shown is not current and if you scroll towards current time,  it jumps back to a later time.   What I’d like to be able to diagnose is if the Vue has lost connection to my wifi extender or not.   My problem could be the extender losing connection to the main wifi router but I can’t tell where the issue is.

      Steady connectivity is important for alert reliability.   I’ve had alerts come in several hours late because of lost network connection.







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      Marty @Emporia
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      @rhorine wonderful idea and I have sent this to the development team for review.

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