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    +1 for API.

    I managed to figure out how to put a copy of the export data via the emailed link (which used to be the same). So I just had a reminder on my phone to request a new report every week and then a PowerShell script i wrote would scrape the zip file and extract the CSV.

    Sometime in December, the script stopped working and I think it’s because report generation changed. The name used to be “https://url/{customer_id}.zip”, so I could use consistently use curl to extract the file.

    Now though, the mobile app lets you generate a custom report for a certain time period, which has a consequence of changing the filename of the outputted file from “{customer_id}.zip” to “{customer_id}-{report_id}.zip” where {report_id} = a random number generated for that specific report.

    I am happy the reporting capability was improved, but it did break my process lol.

    At this point, I’d rather not have to write a script to parse my mail inbox in order to get the link generated for the most recent report, and then have to remember to choose an interval for each report each week when I go to trigger it from the mobile app.

    Could we get even just a simple API that allows us to specific an interval and time period and then spit out a report?

    I did check out the open source third party utils for pulling data, but they’re a bit overkill for me. All I need to do is pull the data to a local JSON file for archival purposes. I don’t need to CRUD on devices themselves, just read the report data.

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