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      Hi Guys,

      Great product for this price range.  I looked closely at the ‘other’ devices on the market, and was very skeptical about their abilities to ‘learn’ what loads I utilize.  So, I’m thrilled with the implementation model you have adapted.

      In addition to the other posts out there looking for an API, one thing that would be useful in the app is a graph function for the ‘balance’ of the loads.  (ie. Mains minus the sum of the 8 channels).  That value is calculated on the home page, but without data extraction and some Excel, we can’t get a good snapshot of the ‘balance’ in the time domain.

      I have a crawlspace dehumidifier that is in my ‘balance,’ which has a load profile that is identifiable enough for me to pick out, so it would be nice to see that on the graph and then I could get a feel for its cycles/day usage.

      Thanks for a great product!!

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      I also want the “Balance” entry to be graphed in Sec, Min, Hour, Day , Week and Month as all of the other loads are displayed.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @Karmon Korleski  @cmiddlet87 having a graph option for the balance is on our roadmap for development.   We hope to have this enhancement out later this year.

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      Excellent news. I was going to request this feature.

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      I, too, eagerly await the ability to graph the “balance”


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      Any updates on when we might see this?

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      It will be good to see ‘Balance’ brought into the fold.  We also can’t create custom alerts/notifications for Balance as described here.


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