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    I have been using the negative multiplier on my solar circuit, but I’m not too sure about the readings. I have Enphase micro-inverters that output to a double pole breaker, so I put an expansion pack circuit CT on each leg, and set the multiplier at -1. I didn’t think that the output was as high as I was expecting, so I changed it to -2, and it looks more like what I’m expecting, but now I see that there is a constant minimum reading of around -2.54 amps on each leg of the solar breakers at night, and it seems to make the main reading go negative too? I’m really sure that the main is not now the ACTUAL reading from the 2 large CTs, as it appears to be a sum of all of the expansion CTs? I wonder how the main CT circuits are multiplied, and why aren’t they shown individually like the 8 expansion circuits, so that you can check load balance?

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    Hi, I’m Jeff from the Midwest.
    I’ve had the main unit installed for around a month, watching baseline usage. Added the expansion yesterday because our utility finally installed the net meter so that I can use a 3.4 Kw grid-tied solar panel system that i installed. Playing with the circuit defines, trying to get a feel for what is really going in and out of the meter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)