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    Hello, this is Vijay. I was exploring sense and after some research, decided to buy Vue – 2nd gen. I installed it w/o any problem.
    I live in SF Bay Area – home of Emporia.  I’ve a 4.875KW PV system, which is hooked on to a Sunny Boy 5.0 working beautifully. I also have a 12KW DIY PowerWall – a LiFePo4 pack without a BMS at the moment. This is a AC coupled system, which charges the batteries between 11AM and 3 PM and powers my home from 3 PM to 3AM. Stores about 5KWh and produces about 5KWh.

    My first request to the forum- change the font color to a bit darker color, so it is ease to read.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)